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The Energy Activation Products for you.

Each product is infused with a vibration for transformation and activation.

Mindfulness Keychain


Kim Bellisimo's Mindfulness Keychain is a way to activate and manifest your intentions. This keychain allows you to clear your blocks as they come up in the moment and reset your space and move forward into your new reality. You will get a guide, a keychain and when you send me your email address you will receive a free audio.

Own Your Energy Balls


Clear your space and activate your energy using the "What I Want," "What I Don't Want" balls. Includes an EnergyWorks downloadable PDF manual and balls. Objects are a great way of taking an idea or desire of what you want and moving it into physical form. By doing the physical movements, you activate, clear and create the circuits of the loop to create your intentions based upon the Greater Whole.

Energy Movement Balls


Unify and Bring Into Balance Through Movement. Bring Your Intentions into the Body and Move with it. Includes a Video, Booklet, and EnergyWorks Practice.




Daily EnergyWorks Program to design your life from the inside out.

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