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Open to the Wisdom of your Heart 

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Join me every month for New Moon and Full Moon Magic. We'll create and transform your intentions with the cycles of the Moon!


EnergyWorks is something you do in the moment. When something shows up, you'll have a tool to use then and there.


Learn to create a unified field of information on any topic you want to integrate in your life. 

"When our attention is focused on the heart, we unify and create from the whole." 

- Kim Bellisimo 

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Client Success Stories

Doing energy work through sessions with Kim Bellisimo and through the exercises and practices she has taught me has totally changed my life in so many aspects. If it wasn’t for this work I think by now my marriage would have ended up in divorce (I was almost there), and, on the contrary, my relationship with my husband is now great, we love each other so much and we’re expecting our second baby!! I have plenty of examples of how things totally change, and very quickly when working with energy. My 4-year-old daughter was having problems at preschool, not playing with the other kids, and within 2 days that totally shifted. The teacher was so surprised. On Friday she was telling me I should take my child to the psychologist to treat her socialization issues. I worked this on a session with Kim and on Tuesday the teacher was telling me that my daughter was acting totally different, playing with the other kids, having fun. Totally amazing!! Another wonderful example is how Kim helped me with my cockroach phobia. I have had this phobia since I was little, passed to me through my mother. It was so strong that I remember preferring to stay at home if to go out I had to go past a place where there were cockroaches. That was very limiting when I went to Brazil to visit my relatives, there were lots of that insect there. Fortunately, in my country (Chile), there weren´t cockroaches at all. But then mysteriously they started to appear cockroaches inside my house, in Chile (where I had never seen them before). I worked the energy with Kim and within two days no more cockroaches!! My phobia was cured and they left the house!!! No insecticide or anything!! I joked with Kim saying she should put pests extermination as part of her services. I have so many examples, but what I really want to share is that besides the objective changes I’m describing, the most important thing for me has been how my own energy changed... feeling much better, more joy, more relaxed and happy.

Carolina Corthon-Hein

With my job, there was an issue with a license with the state. When I spoke with the state, they said they don’t give refunds. There was nothing I could do. I put in another call again but never heard back. I had a session with Kim and we were working how this would be resolved and it would be a good outcome. During the session, the state called me and I ended up getting money when I was supposed to pay money since I was late on payments. Not only did they give me a refund they gave way more $4,000.

Susan Myhre

Huntington Beach CA

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