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Moving Through the Cycle of Life

Move through the maze to find your center. ⁣

The image of the spirals is the infinite journey and cycle of life. Each part of a spiral is a beginning, middle, and end that repeat. The symbol of the Goddess is this infinite journey we make, walking the path of a labyrinth, following our way to our true intentions through each stage. To transition from one stage to the next, you must move out of the womb, or the center, and into the world. ⁣

The center is like a womb where you integrate and transform in each day of your life, being constantly reborn. To begin to transform to the next stage of life, you must start by making the journey inward in order to locate your center. In this center space, you will transform and begin once again to move on the outward journey. The center is the place where balance is achieved.⁣

The only way to continue to progress is to move back to your center and out again repeatedly. This process of the continual cycle of life is always in flow, and mastering the ability to transform and change is how we grow.⁣


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