What Do You Want To Transform In Your Life?


Do you want more money so that you can live the life of your dreams? Learn how to call in wealth and be in the flow of giving and receiving! 

  • Activate the giving & receiving circuit
  • Create wealth
  • Receive abundance
  • Maintain your wealth
  • Eliminate debt


Do you have a problem that you are unable to resolve? More likely than not you have inherited this problem through your genetic line. Our ancestors vibrate within us. Wherever they got stuck in the past, we continue to play out in present time.

  • Learn to unwind what happened to your ancestors and change the effect it has on you now
  • Free yourself from the addictions, fears, and anxieties inherited from your genetic line


Is your heart open? Clear what’s blocking you in your relationships and open to the wisdom of your heart.

  • You have to love yourself before you can love another
  • Learning how to receive love • Manifesting a new relationship
  • Attracting your soul mate
  • Clearing limiting and negative patterns and blocks
  • Going painlessly through separation or divorce


Do you continually give to and help others? Is it hard to care for yourself because you are so busy putting out fires for everyone around you? Are you constantly trying to fix things for others and please others even though you really don't want to?

Learn to be in relationship with yourself so you can love and transform the relationships around you. 

  • Learn about what you want
  • Learn how to be whole
  • Learn how to say NO!
  • Learn how to set and respect boundaries
  • Learn to focus your attention within
  • Let go of old pictures and programming that you are not safe
  • Understanding why putting your attention on others in order to get love doesn't work and, instead, you get burned, you get dumped on


Are you being gaslighted and feel like you're going crazy? Do you walk on eggshells with a partner, boss, friend and not know why? Do you feel controlled or bullied? Do you feel that you can never do anything right? Are you dismissed and feel like you don't exist even though you are giving every second of every day? 

  • Break free from the chains of narcissism 
  • Learn how not to feed a narcissist with your attention and energy
  • Learn the tools to enable you to leave a narcissistic relationship without the pain and the drama
  • Learn how to protect yourself energetically and clear your fear 


Are you passionate about your career? Is your work fulfilling your true life purpose? Do you want to work for yourself?  Do you want to move ahead in your career?

  • Letting go of limiting and negative beliefs about yourself
  • Being open to being seen and acknowledged at work
  • Preventing others at work from running their negative, toxic energy through you
  • Letting go of managing your external world to try to control the chaos
  • Ways to deflect abusive narcissists at work
  • Letting go of codependency at work that is making you sick


Spaces contain energy and vibration. Negative energy can accumulate in a space from past inhabitants and can affect everyone who lives or works in the present day. A space can make you feel relaxed, like a spa, or can make you feel depressed and unhappy, like a cluttered or haunted home.

  • Clearing energy out of the space
  • Reset the energy with a new vibration
  • Clearing ghosts, entities, and dark forces
  • Clearing inherited jewelry and old family photos of departed loved ones
  • Clearing used and antique furniture or clothing


Set every space you occupy during your day with the reality that you want to exist in those places. If you don't set the space, someone else will and they may be in a bad mood, which will drag you down. If you set the space, bad energy cannot show up.

  • Creating a happy, healthy home that fosters great communication
  • Setting the space for important business meetings that result in productivity, increased sales and overall success
  • Setting sporting event spaces for athletes
  • Setting spaces for romance
  • Setting space for legal actions
  • Selling your home


Chaos can be reflected in our physical environment and can overtake us to a point where we feel paralyzed and helpless. Even if we clear the physical chaos, but haven't cleared the systemic issue underlying the chaos, then the environment will go back to the way it was. 

  • Organize and clear your physical chaos •
  • Clear your mental chaos, such as obsessive thoughts, not being able to let go of a thought, and being hyper-focused until you get that "thing" you are constantly thinking about
  • Clear chaos on all levels: physical, emotional, energetic


Self-care isn't about buying a purse or a new car. That might make us feel good temporarily, but true self-care is about placing attention on our heart and having the love affair of our lives with ourselves. This is the relationship we long for. We look outside ourselves for it in order to feel complete, but it is not there. When we go within we become whole and our circuit becomes complete.

  • Build a relationship with your own heart
  • Take care of your heart and give it attention so that it, in turn, takes care of you
  • When your heart opens to its wisdom you see the garden within that we have all been programmed out of
  • This is where the magic is
  • You are now one with yourself


The parent/child relationship circuit has to be activated. Because usually we give continually and do everything for our kids, but don't really allow our kids to give back, the circuit never gets activated. With our best intentions, we run the risk of creating a narcissist. Even a 2-year-old can use the EnergyWorks tools.  

  • Getting pregnant
  • Birth support (clearing the genetic line and communicating with baby in utero)
  • Mothering
  • Helicopter parenting
  • Teens
  • Depression, anxiety, fear


We are here to create and there is no other greater expression than creating as a spirit in the body. Whether it is a movie, a book, a song, poetry, a painting, or even a campaign, the process of creating is what feeds the soul. Being a creative person makes you come alive and this is why it is so important that we are all creating.

  • Creating the unknown
  • From chaos to creativity
  • Create your way into a new reality
  • The power of play


Happiness is about where you place your attention. When you are aware of your heart and allow your attention to settle there, you can be in the now. This is the definition of happiness.

  • Open to the wisdom of your heart
  • Allow miracles to drop into your life
  • Occupy this space where the magic takes place


Resilience is about continuing to go back home within your heart. No matter whether something bad or good happens to you, we use it all to move forward.

  • Letting go of the fear of making a decision because you're not sure if it's right or not
  • You lose your space, you find your space
  • Each time you lose your space, the distance in between gets smaller
  • All of sudden you own your space


Do you continually give to and help others? Is it hard to care for yourself because you are always thinking about someone else and their problems? Are you continually trying to solve other people's problems? Are you creating for others instead of yourself? Learn to be in relationship with yourself so you can love and transform the relationships around you. 

  • Demagnetizing yourself from everyone else's energy
  • Distinguish your energy from others' energy
  • Stop allowing others to live inside of you
  • Stop rescuing others


We are like an instrument and when we are tuned, we play beautiful music, but when we are out of tune, nothing seems to work. Each of our energy centers contains the blueprint for us to have a successful life. Clear your chakras and access your vibrations so that you are tuned for success.

  • Align your chakras • Know how to use your energy system for success
  • Get out of effort and start to create miracles
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to use your energy within the body, which is like a formula one race car - how to drive it, how to fuel it, how to let it transport you through life


Addiction is about being overtaken by another energy that hooks into us and ungrounds us. As a result, you find yourself in relationship with a substance (food, alcohol, sex, shopping, painkillers) that releases a chemical in your body that temporarily numbs you to your pain and makes you feel euphoric. However, this is toxic and destructive. Another's energy running through us in this manner makes us sick.

  • Learn how to connect and ground yourself so that you are growing and thriving into who you came here to be instead of letting others' energies run your life
  • Master how to be in your body to be released from all addictions


Learning issues are caused by not knowing where to put your attention. To learn something, you must first learn how to be in your space. There are energetic tools you can learn to assist you with this.  A lot of kids with learning issues are highly creative and I help them bring their talents into the world. This is what the world needs now.

  • Teaching kids how to get grounded
  • Teaching kids how to be in their space
  • Having kids master attention
  • Clearing low self-esteem

Life's Journey Starts Here

There is no greater joy than connecting, communicating, and co-creating with clients. We are greater together then we are apart this is what I call the greater whole.  It is an honor for me to be in this sacred relationship whereby showing up with our energy the living light shows up in the space and it is creating us it's grace in the space. 

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Move Into Your New Life! 

Have you been noticing certain fears or anxieties? Or just certain opportunities or even new things showing up. If you have any fear, it's important to clear. And how we can clear that fear is by connecting into it. Gain access to your fears, heal your wounds and let's let go of it and change it. Live in a brand new way!

What People Say

I was suffering from months of insomnia and didn’t have the energy to do more than the bare minimum as a result. After a few sessions with Kim, my insomnia is gone! Now I have the energy to take steps every day towards my dreams! Kim also helped me remove some major obstacles I had around my creativity and I am now expressing my creativity in ways I never imagined! So glad I signed up to work with Kim.

Darice Clark- Writer, Advocate

I have worked a lot of things with Kim, old & painful emotional issues, a new job, work for my partner, a new baby, sleeping patterns and foundations for my children and I constantly find the outcome amazing. More recently I have worked a whole new foundation for myself and since then I am showing up in my life in whole new way. The positive impact this has had on me as a mother, partner and on my whole family is really a source of joy and inspiration. After a session with Kim I feel lighter and freer, more enlightened and also having received practical advice. It's unusual for therapeutic practice to have both a practical and a spiritual side but Kim's does. I continue to work a new life foundation with Kim and continue to be amazed at what I receive from it.

Clare Kavanagh- Production

Working with Kim Bellisimo got me through one of the toughest times in my life - a very difficult custody battle plus a cross-country move. She is incredible at working with the energy of the situation. She helps me shift and clear my self-sabotaging patterns so I can align with new choices and create new and better outcomes. Also, Kim has helped me rebuild how I operate professionally. After working with her, I was able to manifest a new job that brought much more financial stability to me and my family and her tools also helped ground and empower my creativity as well so that I was able to move my ideas forward more effectively. Bottom line - she helped me get out of my own way so that the energy could move again and make things happen. I'm more grounded now and able to move through choices and difficulties with more confidence and ease. Whenever the situation feels impossible, I always call Kim!

Susie Arnett, Director of Programming and Group Sales

The Art of Living Retreat Center

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