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Life Issues Session

Phone Sessions, SkypeIn person sessions Ask a question- email.

When clients come to see me, they relay an intention to me of what they want to create. I can see the discrepancy between the vibration of what they want and where they are in their current scheme of things. My job is to get them to open their heart and to create a circuit that in turn creates movement and flow, bringing them into relationship with what they want. What then happens is that the negative within them shows up and must be released. They often view this release of the negative as their lives falling apart, not realizing that the life they're seeking to change has been built on this negative foundation. I teach them to use this release of negative energy as a source of power for creation.

Energy Healings

Remote or in person. You can only create from the energy field you have access to. Open up to create in a new dimension and reality, beyond what you know, through accessing the wisdom of the heart. In person or remote.

We Clear, Create and Transform your mental, physical, and energetic blocks and chaos into a life of clarity and purpose. In person or remote session.

Healing Hands

Use Hands-on Energy Healing to unify your fields of energy and clear the blocks. Your fields can integrate the shifts and you can bring a new reality into your body. In person session on a massage table.

Clearing Spaces

The way to change your life is by changing the energy in your space. On-site local visits or by phone or by Skype. Clear and create a new field of energy in:

  • Homes and Offices 
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Schools
  • Haunted Spaces and Objects
  • Jewelry and Furniture
  • Entity Clearing

Prices vary depending on location and type of clearing needed.

Nature-Connected Hike

Join me on weekly EnergyWorks walking meditations, getting grounded in nature. This stimulates your neural networks, activating your circuits so you are in flow. Nature is a reflection of your internal being, so spending time in nature connects you to yourself. Nature heals physical issues, helps relieve depression, and stimulate creativity. 

Clearing the Genetic Line

We've inherited things through our DNA and epigenetics as well as from our parents. These things limit us and we continue to create from our automatic responses. This is a session designed to set you free and clear your family agreements.


Do you have a life question you are dealing with and don't know what to do? Sometimes we just need a jumpstart to get our energy going. This entry-level process is a good way to jumpstart your energy. Send me your question and I will work the energy and give you a response. Ask a specific question and I'll send you an audio response. 

  • Are you unable to move forward because of uncertainty? This can be paralyzing at times. If you are stuck, asking a question can move you in the right direction. 
  • Ask a question about your next step?
  • Do you need some communication on what to do?
  • Feedback about one topic?
  • What is comping up to transform?


In receiving a healing you will find your space so you can take your next step. It's hard to change when we have been stuck or sitting in pain. Just being seen as who you came here to be can clear the distortions and programming that have been imprinted in your energy field. 

  • Ask for a healing when you are stuck, or in pain, or lethargic. 
  • Get your energy moving as the next step in your growth and development.

Coaching Packages

Coaching Package

3 months

Career, Family, Money, Social/Relationships, Creativity, Physical Health, and Spirituality. All of these are interconnected. When you shift one, the other aspects of your life start to change for the better, enabling you to become who you truly are.

Once we’ve identified the area of your life that you want to start on, I get into an agreement to creating that new field of reality with you. Our hearts connect into this new field of what you want. The overlapping of our energy fields to create a greater whole is what propels our work together.

Coaching Packages

6-12 months

Are you going through a major life change like a divorce, starting a new career, creating a family, starting a new business? Are you interested in working intensively to accelerate the creation of your new life? I offer coaching programs in 6, 9, and 12-month options.

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Move Into Your New Life! 

Have you been noticing certain fears or anxieties? Or just certain opportunities or even new things showing up. Gain access to your fears, heal your wounds and live in a brand new way!

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Owner, Left Overs

“I have been working with Kim since the summer of 2014. Cutting through the fog is what she does best." Read More

Sobia A. Shaikh

Lifestyle Influencer, Shaikhen and Stirred

"I started working with Kim 2 years ago and she has literally transformed my life. I was caught up in old negative patterns that I didn't realize were affecting every aspect of my life." Read More

Karen S.

"Thank you so much, Kim. I am blessed to have found you and so grateful to have worked with you! My life has been all uphill since our work together and I implement it in my daily life." Read More

A. Schmidt

"I love Kim's courses... I always receive outstanding transformations and tools that I continue to use daily. In fact, I listen to CDs from her old classes multiple times a week, and they are always impacting." Read More

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