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These symbols are a language that contains energy and information that represent pictures of light. They are tools and a visible sign for something that is invisible. This is a language of light and what I see how our energy moves.



When you Open to the Wisdom of your Heart, you find the garden within. This is the fertile soil you need to create.


When we are in a "heart x change" with others, anything is possible. We connect, communicate, co-create and collaborate with one another, creating a global change movement. Click here to learn more.


Awareness is the unified presence of diamond, mind, and heart. When you overlap the two hearts together you are pure diamond light. 


This is the upper part of the diamond and it represents the upper chakras. Connect upward to the Source to thrive and grow. 


This is the lower part of the diamond and it represents the lower chakras. Ground down to release and let go.


Intention isn't about striving for a goal. It's awareness of the state of being. When you bring in the energy from Source, above, and Earth, below, then these energies mix within you which brings in your new reality. 


This is the circuit of the relationship between the Source, the Heart, and the Earth. It connects the physical to the non-physical. We should always strive to run our energy in the vertical loop.


The heart creates in a circle and unifies all things in a never-ending loop of the creation process. The opposing sides of the infinity loop create the Greater whole.


This is the continual flow of energy from the negative to the positive and from the above and the below that unifies in the heart. This is the movement that creates change. 


When the Wisdom of the Heart opens, the Heart will bring the Above and Below into relationship, creating a third field of energy. This brings Body and Spirit into relationship; where they overlap is called the Greater Whole.  


Our Attention attaches to mental images that are connected to thoughts and emotions. When four fields overlap the Eye of the Heart is created.  Relaxing our attention into the Heart-centered space allows us to create from the Whole (which is how the Heart sees- it does not see from a place of duality).


This is the blueprint for creation. When the Eye of the Heart opens it pulls in six overlapping fields of energy, making a seventh. These circuits are spinning and revolving in a relationship, creating change from moment to moment. This is pure creation.  


Chaos is a lack of order. It happens when energy moves out in all directions and doesn't return. From Chaos to Creativity occurs when energy comes back to the Heart. If your attention is fully on your Heart then the magnetic field of the Heart will pull back the chaotic energy, bringing the energy into a circuit or loop (a relationship) from which creativity and order is born.


The dance of life is a very ancient concept. Creation, preservation, and dissolution are three aspects of essence that can also be described as birth, life, and death. It is a way of transitioning. Creation moves out into one form, then returns back to essence in the center triangle, which is preservation. That which has no form turns into form.



This symbol is a tool to activate your energy circuit. The "square" represents your foundation. And the four corners are the pillars of safety, security, stability, and support.⁠


What is a picture? A picture is like a snapshot. It is a moment in time creation. It can be a thought, an emotion, a belief. It doesn't come alive until you add energy and information. Then is starts to activate. Pictures become agreements with other people who enforce them, which creates a field of energy. Pictures are like programs that we operate by. To change, we must update our pictures so we can continue to grow. Otherwise, if we are attached to our pictures we suffer. The goal is to know how to play to our pictures.



The heart creates in a circle. In order to create, we must first create space. By clearing our space, we open to a new reality.


The backspace is the dark closet in our subconscious where thoughts, feelings, and emotions get stored. When we don't have access to this energy, then it has power over us and drives us into automatic responses that we don't have any control over.  It is like the rudder of a boat. It ultimately determines where you go. When we are not in a relationship with it, it drives us into creating what we don't want. In the example of the loop from front to back through the Heart, the backspace is the loop behind us.


EnergyWorks is an infinite tool for activating the energy within you. Each overlapping circle is a process in relationship in which you are requesting what you want, receiving what you need, releasing what is no longer needed, and renewing your energy in a new reality. 

Let's Clear and Activate Your Energy

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