“I have been working with Kim since the summer of 2014. Cutting through the fog is what she does best. With this new clarity, I achieved my goals and found truer happiness. My business had grown at a fast pace over the past 6 years and I was overwhelmed. Kim helped to even out the kinks and bring the kinds of people into my life that supported me and that I wanted to be around. Who doesn't want to operate more comfortably in their lives? Navigating life’s turmoil is easier with Kim by my side.”

Kelly Hensley

Owner of “Left Overs,”  a thriving San Francisco business

I started working with Kim 2 years

ago and she has literally transformed my life. I was caught up in old

negative patterns that I didn't realize were affecting every aspect of my

life. Often, I would get anxious and stressed.


Kim has taught me how to blow up these past images and live in the present. The power of our intention is miraculous and I would have never known so if it were not for Kim. I love how different Kim's energy work is compared to traditional therapy where you spend a lot of time talking about the past. Kim is exceptionally intuitive and figured out my issues within the first few minutes of our initial conversation - via a phone call! And then started providing solutions for me that were always present inside of me. She is a miracle worker!


Every day I use multiple tools Kim has given to me - my favorite is The Daily Practice.


Last but not least she is ALWAYS there when I need her. Kim, please write a book quickly so EVERYONE can benefit the way I have:) You are a god send and I am really fortunate to have you in my life!


Sobia A. Shaikh

I love Kim's courses.  I think this is the fourth one that I've taken and I

always receive outstanding transformations and tools that I continue to use daily.  In fact, I listen to cds from her old classes multiple times a week, and they are always impacting.


At the beginning of this course, I had set the intention of feeling amazing and vital, getting a new, stable job working with great people in a fun environment, and having an awesome romantic relationship.  I can hardly believe that I'm writing this myself, but each of those things have come into creation--and I was coming from a VERY tough place.  I had been in a car accident in May and broken

a lot of bones; I was unable to work for a couple

months (I was serving and bartending), and fell into a really rough space with my boyfriend who lived about 20 miles away, both of us without cars.  I was sad and depressed and in pain.  Working with Kim during this course and in private sessions, I cleared out a ton of energy that was holding me back and moved into a powerful new space of being able to create and receive.


I now have a new job at a great company, and I am doing great and, best of all, Kim helped me to see this car accident as an opportunity to reconnect to the unified field (Source), the planet, and myself.  Doing that, I have achieved amazing transformation and feel incredible.  Without a car, I had to bike 16 miles back and forth to work, and I don't have to do that anymore but I still do because I love it.  I look and feel better than I ever have and best of all, I went from being completely broken to being totally active, which is the thing I love most of all.


A. Schmidt


I want to express how much I appreciate you and the past two sessions you have done for me.  During the first, I was so impressed with your ability to see the attachments, patterns that create my field without ever talking to me.  It was astonishing to witness your ability to see my closest loves ones, and the agreements/connections we have/had with each other.

During my second session, I was grateful for your honesty, but also your true healing of whatever blocks I may have had. 

Just two days after a I had my session with you, the Board of Behavioral Sciences approved my hours. I could not believe it. I was in shock as I never heard from the evaluator, and in fact, until this day have not heard back from her. It is as if there was some energy block there that you cleared so that they would approve them, despite whatever resistance she had to my work and my previous supervisor.  Whatever you did, it worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Equally, I have been feeling very 'free' regarding my past relationship. Since my session with you, I have felt more clear and free than I have in nine months. It is as if I am a different person, or my old self, without any agendas/obsessions/negative attachments to someone else. I am so grateful for this cleansing Kim.

Thank you so much Kim. I am blessed to have found you.
Karen S.


Kim Bellisimo is an extraordinary person! She is extremely perceptive as both a intuitive and Energy Channel/Coach. She is a very effective guide, and a compassionate ally as well. Kim has helped me to resolve my concerns which were affecting me in several areas of my life. Initially, she assisted me in dealing with the great sorrow I was experiencing following the death of my mother. In addition, she has supported my process in improving my relationships with others,clarifying my intentions in the present, setting new goals for my future, and understanding my past. She has helped me to learn to stay more grounded and to remain heart-centered and focused. She has taught me to begin to see that all of my experiences are useful to me in moving forward on my path.

I am currently enjoying Kim's Heart Power Class, and I use the Daily Practice she has taught us each morning. These tools are invaluable to me, and I am planning to continue to learn more working with Kim in the future.

K. Towns


Doing energy work through sessions with Kim Bellisimo and through the exercises and practices she has taught me has totally changed my life in so many aspects. If it wasn’t for this work I think by now my marriage would have ended up in divorce (I was almost there), and, in the contrary, my relationship with my husband is now great, we love each other so much and we’re expecting our second baby!! I have plenty of examples of how things totally changes, and very quickly when working with energy. My 4 year old daughter was having problems at preschool, not playing with the other kids, and within 2 days that totally shifted. The teacher was so surprised. On Friday she was telling me I should take my child to the psychologist to treat her socialization issues. I worked this on session with Kim and on Tuesday the teacher was telling me that my daughter was acting totally different, playing with the other kids, having fun. Totally amazing!! Another wonderful example is how Kim helped me with my cockroach fobia. I have had this fobia since I was little, passed to me through my mother. It was so strong that I remember preferring to stay at home if to go out I had to go pass a place where there were cockroaches. That was very limitating when I went to Brazil to visit my relatives,there were lots of that insects there. Fortunately, in my country (Chile), there weren´t cockroaches at all. But then mysteriously they started to appear cockroaches inside my house, in Chile (were I had never seen them before). I worked the energy with Kim, and within two days no more cockroaches!! My phobia was cured and they left the house!!! No insecticide or anything!! I joked with Kim saying she should put pests extermination as part of her services.  I have so many examples, but what I really want to share is that besides the objective changes I’m describing, the most important thing for me has been how my own energy changed... feeling much better, more joy, more relaxed and happy.

Carolina Corthon-Hein



With my job there was an issue with a liscense with thestate. When I spoke with state, they said they don’t give refunds. There wasnothing I could do. I put in another call again but never heard back. I had asession with Kim and we were working how this would be resolved and it would bea good outcome. During the session the state called me and I ended up gettingmoney when I was suppose to pay money since I was late on payments.  Not only did they give me a refund theygave way more $4,000.

Susan Myhre

Huntington Beach CA


I have worked a lot of things with Kim, old & painful emotional issues, a new job, work for my partner, a new baby, sleeping patterns and foundations for my children and I constantly find the outcome amazing.  More recently I have worked a whole new foundation for myself and since then I am showing up in my life in whole new way.  The positive impact this has had on me as a mother, partner and on my whole family is really a source of joy and inspiration.  After a session with Kim I feel lighter and freer,  more enlightened and also having received practical advice.  Its unusual for a therapeutic practice to have both a practical and a spiritual side but Kim's does.  I continue to work a new life foundation with Kim and continue to be amazed at what I receive from it.

--Clare Kavanagh


Working with kim Bellisimo got me through one of the toughest times in my life - a very difficult custody battle plus a cross-country move.  She is  incredible at working with the energy of the situation.  She helps me shift and clear my self-sabotaging patterns so I can align with new choices and create new and better outcomes.   Also, Kim has helped me rebuild how I operate professionally.  After working with her, I was able to manifest a new job that brought much more financial stability to me and my family and her tools also helped ground and empower my creativity as well so that I was able to move my ideas forward more effectively.  Bottom line - she helped me get out of my own way so that the energy could move again and make things happen. I'm more grounded now and able to move through choices and difficulties with more confidence and ease.  Whenever the situation feels impossible, I always call Kim!

--Susie Arnett, Senior Workshop Programmer, Kripalu Center