Life Energy Movement

Heart X Change

                      Kim Bellisimo M.A., The Method is the Movement                           

Kim Bellisimo, M.A.  Life-Movement

The Heart Energy Connects, Communicates, and Unifies the relationship of Spirit, Mind, and Body into the Whole.  

When we are fully in the body we can access all of our life- force energy, which allows us to manifest a new life, filled with joy, prosperity and freedom. When we are emotionally and mentally “stuck” in an upsetting experience, our lives can feel like hard work. We can become unhappy, anxious and trapped in dysfunctional relationships.
Through her unique and powerful energy tools, Kim teaches how to reconnect to the flow that is our essential nature, so we can finally heal and integrate our traumas, pull life-force energy into our bodies and create a new foundation from which we can move forward and live fully.  

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