Create the Life You Want in the Now not in the How   

Join me Wed. June 13th at 6:30 pm, pst/gmt

It's a time of big changes. We all are going through it. But for some of us, our old patterns can make the change a fight instead of a flow. Old fears create resistance and our minds can play tricks on us as we see our past distortions instead of truths. In this one-hour webinar, energy miracle worker, Kim Bellisimo will create a group field that will support every member of the group in getting aligned and clear and moving forward on your path. By using her powerful energy tools, she will work your individual energy field as well as teach you tools that you can use on your own.

This telecourse is for you if:

You feel numb and depressed
You want more energy in your life?
You are feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward
You are overwhelmed by choices and driving yourself crazy trying to choose a next step

Whether you are trying to create a new job, a new relationship, or transform what you have, this tele-course will work your energy so that you can birth this new reality with ease and grace.