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What Areas of your Life do you want to Change?

If your thoughts, behaviors, body, and environment get stuck and you find yourself in a vicious cycle of wanting something new but ending up with the opposite of what they want, let's talk.

"I want a healthy body but I don't eat right" "I want love in my life but I attract people that don't love me" "I want money but I'm always in debt"

I've worked with hundreds of people all over the world who were stuck in patterns that would never change. My clients had tried everything but it wasn't until they worked on the energetic level of the problem that things really started to change. 


Kim Bellisimo's Energy Works Method:Click to find out more


   Clear your Energy  -   Connect your Energy  -   Move your Energy  -   Activate your Energy

                                     Live In Joy, In Love, In Health, In Wealth, and In Grace


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Endings make New Beginnings: Dec.  12th, 6;30 pm/pst

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New Moon Magic: Fri. Dec 7th, 6:30 pm/pst

Full Moon Magic: Tues. Dec. 21st., 6:30 pm/pst - REGISTER BELOW

FRIDAY Dec. 7th, 6:30pm, pst. GMT

Picture yourself with a bow and arrow. Your body must be aligned and your eyes must be on the target, aiming for the future of what you want.  As you pull back on the bow-string to generate power, reach back into the backspace of your past, keeping your body aligned as a bridge between your past and your future.  Release the past as you release the string. Watch the arrow fly forward, it's energy redirected to hit the target of a new reality


On this call, Kim will download her energy transmissions from this NEW MOON and FULL MOON, which is perfectly attuned to the planet's frequencies at this time to help each person on the call move forward in their lives.

Payment Options

Moon Magic Class Drop In: $50.00

Class Drop in $50.00