Full Moon Magic: Wed. Oct 24, 6:30 pm/pst


Going into the full moon is like riding a wave. You must know how to navigate it. If you sit to the right or left, to the positive or to the negative you will be off balance going into this full moon. All kinds of things get stirred up from our thoughts to our emotions and stir up chaos unless you know how to navigate the energies in the environment and transmute them into your dreams. The way to go through this full moon is with your internal navigation system this way you can use the energy whipping about to direct it, and create an entirely new world around you. Turn inward on this moon and see the power that you will create with coming out of it.

Moon Ritual going into the Death cycle of winter
Embody it's illumination bring the light it into the darkness
Focus on your heart's internal light burning bright so your dreams will reflect in the night

Join me on Wed Oct. 24, 6:30 pm



Traveling the Road of the Goddess

From September 27th to Oct 6th 2018., I will be traveling to Sicily to connect with a land and a civilization that pre-dates the Roman Empire.  This land was the home of the Goddess, Demeter, who ruled vegetation and growth.  Her Eleusian Mysteries were the most famous secret rituals of ancient Greece.

During this voyage, I will be connecting to Demeter's energy and the Eleusian Mysteries to offer remote healing sessions that will return the fire to your life and make things grow.  Whether it’s growth of your career, love life, finances, or health, these remote healing sessions will call in an ancient land-based energy to power up your dreams and visions.  Travel the road of the Goddess with me.
Remote Session details:

As part of your remote healing, I will be connecting your energy to the energy of the land and the Goddess in Sicily.  You don’t need to do anything except keep your awareness open for signs and signals of that connection.  It may come in the form of an unexpected phone call or opportunity, a door opening or closing.  During this time, please keep a journal of what is coming up for you - the thoughts, feelings, past experiences, possibly even past life experiences.  This is a very sacred energy so make sure to slow down at some point every day so that Spirit can communicate with you.  That could be a meditation practice or a bath or just a walk after dinner but take some time for yourself if possible every day.  Also, write down your dreams.  If anything really stands out, please email me.  I will be hooking you up every day and as I get messages from the Goddess, I will be sharing them with you as the transmissions come through.

The Road to the Goddess: The entire package $200

Healing $50.00


New Moon Magic:  Oct. 8th, 2018.  1:00pm, or 6:30 pm, pst.

Full Moon Magic: Oct 24th, 2018. 1:00pm, or 6:30 pm, pst.


Moon Magic is a bi-weekly telecourse that occurs every New Moon and Full Moon to teach you how to work with the rhythm and power of the moon cycles to create the life of your dreams. If you find that you are repeating the same patterns month after month, maybe even year after year, these classes will shift your energy so that your new life can finally begin.

On this call, Kim will download her energy transmissions from this NEW MOON and FULL MOON, which is perfectly attuned to the planet's frequencies at this time to help each person on the call move forward in their lives.